Dr. Jacob Golenser, Ph.D.

Head of Anti-Parasitic Drugs Lab.


2005-2005 Kremsner P.G. Institute of Tropical Medicine, Tuebingen Germany, Drug effects on immune functions.
Hunt N. University of Sydney, Australia. Cerebral malaria.



1965-1967 B.Sc. Biology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

1968-1970 M.Sc. Microbiology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

1971-1975 Ph.D. Parasitology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.



1975-1977 Research Associate, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

1977-1980 Lecturer, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

1978-1979 Senior Investigator, MRC Durban, South Africa.

1979-2005 Senior Investigator in Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and The Hadassah Medical College, Jerusalem (part time).

2005-2005 Visiting Professor, Department of Molecular Pathology, The University of Sydney, Australia.


Ongoing Research

Our studies comprise the design, production and examination of drugs against malaria and leishmaniasis, both of which have global and regional significance. Due to the international interest in these diseases we are cooperating with research groups in both technologically advanced and developing countries. Our specific expertise also involves us in general health projects related to chemotherapy (slow release of drugs, transplantation, cancer, etc.).

One of the major problems in the struggle against malaria is the dwindling arsenal of antimalarial drugs due to the evolution of drug resistance. We are thus attempting to define and validate new drug targets, produce derivatives of existing drugs, and use combinations of drugs that might be synergistic or prevent the development of resistance. The current treatment of leishmanial infections is also inadequate due to toxicity of the marketed first line drugs (pentavalent antimonials) and parasite resistance to these drugs.

Parasitic infection may be overcome by a variety of balanced immune responses. Drugs may affect the disease by reducing parasite load and by altering immune responses. We are therefore investigating drug effects on both parasites and immune functions.

The variety of techniques which have been used throughout our research with parasites are also applied in experiments concerning the treatment of melanoma, solid tumors and bone infections.

Key Publications

Deharo E, Barkan D, Krugliak M, Golenser J, Ginsburg H. (2003). Potentiation of the antimalarial action of chloroquine in rodent malaria by drugs known to reduce cellular glutathione levels. Biochem. Pharmacol. 66: 809-817.

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Selected Research Support

2005-2005 Gretel B. Bloch Trust
Zelman Cowen Trust.