Bed Bugs

C. lectularius

Bed bug (Cimex lectularius)


The number of reports of human bedbug infestations has dramatically increased worldwide since the mid-1990s. Personal reports from Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) in Israel indicated that in recent years bed bugs have spread all over the country.

Objectives: To study the epidemiology of bed bug infestations and to gain insights into the control of this parasite, by analysis of a questionnaire sent to all registered PMPs in Israel. A confidential questionnaire with 15 questions was sent by mail to all PMPs. The data were collected from January to June 2009. Out of 1,147 questionnaires sent, 143 (12.5%) were returned and analyzed. The respondents were active in this profession for periods ranging from 1 to 52 years (average 18.1 years). Seventy-seven (53.8%) of the respondents reported that they had seen and treated at least one bed bug infestation in the country during the period covered by the questionnaire.  During the years 2006-2008 a 50-150% increase occurred in the reported cases of infestations as compared to the period from 2001-2005. Bed bugs were mainly reported in new (10) and old (31) hotels, in new (31) and old (84) residences, in new (8) and old (8) prisons, as well as in industrial buildings (13). Infestations were also reported less frequently in youth hostels, store rooms, court houses, army barracks, and caravans for new immigrants, as well as in day schools and boarding schools. Most respondents (42.8%) thought that bed bugs are imported by travelers, 26.7% thought that the increase in infestations was due to resistance to insecticides and 30.5% to unawareness of the problem, prohibition of use of organophosphates inside houses and work places, increasing numbers of foreign workers and new immigrants from developing countries.  The most commonly used pesticides cited in the questionnaire were pyrethroids followed by organophosphates and carbamates (A 132).


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